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Here on blog our first pirouette is to share some really easy and delicious Homemade Dog Treat Recipes.

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The recipes which we share are easy to prepare even if you are average in kitchen. You will notice that the recipes are quite easy to make. Once you try our recipes your dog will be glad that you fall on our blog.

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Something else which you should know is, our blog work with certain keywords " homemade dog treats recipes, dog health and amazon dog gifts" each of our blog is maintained among these catagocate so if you want to read certain type of blog you can do it simply. Just go to tags column and choose one for you.

Our Story

It's not long ago when i am finding good and easy Dog Treat Recipe for my pup but the recipes which it got are not well presented or are very long to read. So from that i got something inside me who want to create both simple and well presented dog treat recipes for blog. Luckily here's i am today have to go long way.

About Me

Here's something which some you want to know it's "about me". My name is BIR and i am from India and i want to be a blogger and i know that it's not easy for a school student. But i am trying my best. I know we can do it by helping each other. I will provide you great content and want your support.

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If you want any help related to office desk setup, don't be shy to contact me i will help you in any possible way.

Email: birorbeit8011@gmail.com
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