Homemade Dog Treat - For Labrador in USA, UK and Canada

Labradors are lovable and most popular bread in USA, UK, and Canada. They love their food very much. So today I am going to share some mouth-watering homemade treat recipes which your labrador will love to have in his bowl.

Homemade Dog Treat Recipes For Labrador

Here is a list of things which your furry buddy want in his diet. I have also written an article on balanced homemade dog treat diet click here to read that blog. Before that have look at this report:

  • Protein - fish, meat or poultry
  • Cottage Cheese or Yogurt
  • Fruit and Vegetables
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Vegetable Oil

1. Red, White, And Blue Yogurt Popsicles Treat Recipe

Credits: diettogo.com

These patriotic popsicles can be your dog's treat on 4th July. Made with fresh berries and they will be as good on any hot day. Also, they have plus it's easy to make.


1. Blueberries - 1 cup

2. Strawberries, chopped - ½ cup

3. Plain yogurt - 1 cup


1. Take a bowl and gently mix all ingredients.

2. Put mix in popsicles mold.

3. Freeze for at least 4 - 5 hours.

4. Remove one popsicle and let your dog enjoy.

2. Blackberries Biscuits Treat Recipe

Credits: bobbyflay.com

Get some blackberries from the farmers market if you don't have some. Because your labra are going to love this blackberry biscuit.


1. Almond flour - 4 cup

2. Flax meal - ¾ cup

3. Extra virgin olive oil - ¼ cup

4. Blackberries - ½ cup

5. Egg - 1


1. Preheat oven to 350° F.

2. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

3. Mix all ingredients with water to make a dough.

4. Roll dough until it becomes ¼ inch thick.

5. Cut dough in the desired shape.

6. Place biscuits 1 inch apart on prepared baking sheet.

7. Bake biscuits for 30 min or until nicely brown.

8. Let the biscuits cool and then serve.

3. Mini Omelette Treat Recipe


This recipe is quite similar to which you make for yourself. Instead of that, this is healthier because it doesn't contain butter, spices, and herbs. I think your labrador will love this and demand more of them.


1. Eggs - 2

2. Cooked salmon, thinly sliced or pulled grilled chicken - ½ cup

3. Green pepper, diced - ½


1. Lightly grease frying pan and drizzle some extra virgin olive oil.

2. Turn the heat of the stove to medium/high.

3. Crack eggs in a bowl and mix well.

4. Once frying pan gets heated gently pour the mix in the center of frying pan.

5. Tilt the frying pan to evenly spread the mix.

6.once the eggs are halfway firm gently sprinkle green pepper, salmon or grilled chicken.

7. With the help of spatula fold the egg in half and heat until it firms properly.

8. Remove the Omelette from pan and place it on the plate. Allow it to cool and then serve to your dog.

4. Frozen Meat Treat Recipe

Credits: pethelpful.com

Meat and carrots both are enjoyed by dogs. Labrador likes the combo of meat and carrot treat. In this recipe, both ingredients are present with yogurt giving it extra taste punch.


1. Grilled boneless chicken - 2 cup

2. Plain low fat or fat-free yogurt - ¾ cup

3. Carrot - 1

4. Extra virgin olive oil - 3 tablespoons


1. Mix all ingredients well in a bowl.

2. Pour mixture in freezing cube tray and freeze.

3. After freezing serve this to your buddy.
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