Homemade Dog Treats Recipes - Vegan Treats for good health of dog

Is Veg Homemade Dog Treats Are Good

In counties like USA and India where you will find a great number of peoples who are vegans, most of their pets are also vegans. It's interesting to know that vegan pets are as healthy as the non vegan pets including dogs. In some cases vegan dogs are more healthier than non vegan. So, it's clear that homemade vegan treats are good for dog's health.
Vegan dog treats for good health of dogs

Now days veg diets are becoming popular among dog owners. Dogs with kidney and liver problem are also recommend to consume vegan diet by vets. In early stages its difficult to change dogs diet to fully vegan but by the time passes your dog will adapt it.

Homemade Dog Diets

Dog's Diet should be balanced, packed with all nutrients which he needs to grow fast. Firstly stop giving canned food to dog and try to cook at home. Homemade Dog Treats are non replaceable thing which is needed for dogs health. Try to use less canned dog food and use more homemade treats.

Vegan Homemade Dog Treats

1. Rice-Millet Vegetable Dish


1. Cooked Brown Rice - 1 cup

2. Cooked Millets - 1 cup

3. Organic oil - 3 tablespoons

4. Leftovers veggies - 3 cups

5. Salt free water or veggies stock - ½ cup


1. In large bowl mix rice, millets and water

2. Put veggies in blender and blend at medium speed until it gets creamy.

3. Mix this blend with rice and serve warm to dog.

2. Chickpea Stew


1. Cooked chickpeas - 3 cups

2. Organic Oil - 3 tablespoons

3. Organic peanut butter - 3 tablespoons

4. Carrot diced - 1

5. Salt free veggies stock - 2 cups

6. Sliced beet - 1

7. Chopped celery stalk - 1


1. Take large bowl and mash chickpeas in it.

2. Then in it add peanut butter, organic oil and 1 cup veggies stock.

3. Take blender and blend remaining veggies stock, carrot, celery and beet.

4. Blend at medium speed for 30 sec.

5. Add this blend to chickpeas and serve warm to dog.

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