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Homemade Dog Treats For Vet Proved.

Homemade Dog Treats - Giving our dog  treats are more than just expression of love towards dog. Dog treats are important for dog's training, behavior and health. For dog's good health we give them homemade vet-proved treats but it's all vain, if you don't change treats routine. Giving same treat for days is not a good step for dogs health.

Which Is Best Homemade Dog Treats Recipes?

As it's very clear that treat recipes play important role in Dog's Health. So that's why don't give dog any treats give them a vet-proved treats which help them to build over all health. 

How we can define best and healthy homemade dog treats? It's something which is easy to digest by dog. For that throw any uneaten food within 20 min and make sure dog's never out of water.

Soft and moist diet is easy to digest and produce light, firm and dark brown stools.

Make sure to present variety of treats to dog, it helps a lot in digestion. Don't repeat same treats for more than 7 days. If you don't follow it this will make your dog upset and unhealthy.

There are various types of dog treats like dry complete diets, semi moist or tanned treats. Each of them have their own benefits. But today we only talk about Homemade Dog Treats Recipes

Homemade Dog Treats

It is difficult to get right composition of "Balanced Homemade Dog diets". One more thing if you don't know about what is balanced homemade dog diets? My last post wast on that topic please check if before you proceed further. Puppies need best possible diet as they grow faster than adults. Make sure that the treat you choose is easy to digest.

Dog Feeding Tips

  • Don't ever change your dogs diet abruptly. If you want, do it over time take 3 to 5 days. Also consult with vet director.
  • Don't ever feed dogs before travel as it can create car sickness, half n hour after and before exercise try to avoid feeding your dog.
  • It is important to stick with one diet for dog, but in any case you want to do so consider vet director or adviser's advise.
  • While your dog is eating from it's bowl leave him in it's heaven. If your dog is ok with you approach while he is eating you can add more to it's bowl. That will help your dog to understand that you are asset rather than threat
  • Never try to feed dog from your plate as it encourages him to beg for more and even start to bark on you which you may find cute but trust me it's not.

Homemade Dog Treats Recipes [balanced and vet proved]

An adult dog need specific nutrients in his diet. We call it balanced dog diet

  • Protein - about 20 % of meal
  • Fat - 5 to 8 %
  • Magnesium - 1.2g in 1000 calorie diet
  • Calcium - 1g in 100 calorie diet
  • Phosphorus - 0.75g
  • Zinc - 15 mg
  • Iron - 7.5 mg
  • Lysine
  • Vitamins - A,D,B12 and E
Now you know what you need to gain good health, below are some recipes what have all nutrients in balanced for let's go read them and cook them.

1. Beef and Vegetable Balls

Homemade dog treats recipes

Beef and Vegetable goes very well with each other. It is the perfect blend of taste and nutrients. After having them in diet you will fall in love. He will demand more n more. What's better than this if you make this recipe for your dog will love and care.


1. Lean ground beef - 1 pound

2. Brown rice (cooked) - 1 cup

3. Carrot (shredded or finely chopped) - 1

4. Parmesan cheese - 2 tablespoons

5. Eggs (Large sized) - 2 

6. Celery (chopped) - 1 stalk

7. Spanich (frozen and chopped) - ½ cup

Step By Step

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

2. Take a tin muffin and lightly brush it with oil.

3. Take a big bowl and mix all ingredients rigorously.

4. From the mix make 12 equal sized balls and putt them in muffin.

5. Bake balls for 20 to 25 min.

6. Now let them cool and serve.

7. Don't worry if some ball left put them in air-tight containers and store in refrigerator.

2. Poochie Meat Cakes

Balanced Homemade Dog diets

It is true that their are so many ways of treating your dog, but what if you can treat him with meat cake. Nothing beats it. This recipe is made with perfect balance of meat, veggies, eggs and oats it have all nutrients in it for supporting dog health. It is also safe humans too. Imagine when you come from long walk or exercise session and then enjoy this delicious meat cake with your dog.


1. Brown Rice - ½ cup

2. Water - 3 cups

3. Potatoes (grated) - 2 large size

4. Carrots (grated) - 4 large size

5. Celery stalks (chopped) - 2 large sized

6. Ground Beef - 6 pounds

7. Eggs - 8

8. Salt - a dash 

9. Olive oil - ½ cup

10. Regular rolled oats - ½ cup

Step By Step

1. Take a medium sized container and mix rice and water in it.

2. Bring container on high fire and cook for 10 min without lid on it.

3. Take the heat to low and put lid on container, let the rice simmer for 20 min.

4. Take the container out of burner and let it cool for considerable time period.

5. With the help of folk, fluff the rice and keep container aside.

6. In other large bowl put potatoes, carrots, celery, eggs and ground beef, mix them well with spoon or hands.

7. In this mix add olive oil, rolled oats, salt and rice mix everything rigorously.

8. Add this mix to cups of muffin and pat well so the cake become firm.

9. Put muffin tray to oven for 45 min.

10. Take the tray out of oven and let them cool on wired rack for 10 min or more.

11. Turn the muffin try upside down and tap on backside of muffin try to release cakes. Do this on aluminium foil. 

12. These cakes are easy to store as you can put them in container or bag and store in refrigerator.

Note: before serving these cakes to your dog make sure they are not hot.

3. Spanich and Salmon Scramble

Healthy Homemade Dog Treats Recipes

Green veggies are great source of nutrients which. Many peoples get benefits from using these green veggies in their diet. But like other veggies spanich is most popular for it's great beneficial nutrients. As veggies fishes are also great source of nutrients. What if we combine them and make a homemade dog treat for your dog. Here's ingredients you need for this recipe.


1. Spanich (frozen, chopped and drained) - ½ cup

2. Salmon (skinless, boneless and drained) - 85g

3. Eggs - 2

4. Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 1 teaspoon

Step By Step

1. Take a non-stick skillet pour olive oil in it.

2. Add spanich and salmon to the heated olive oil, cook until they both heated.

3. Add eggs to this preparation and stair until dish is prepared which will not take more than 2 min.

4. Wait to cool the treat before you present it to your dog.

4. Sensitive Stomach Dog Treat

Homemade dog treats for sensitive Stomach

It's very difficult and painful to deal with upset stomach for humans but every you think what it fells to dogs. Yea, it's very uncomfortable for dogs as they don't know what is happening. In this critical situation you need a specific treat for dog. This treat is vets proved and must be given to dog after fasting for 12 hours since diarrhea occurred.


1. Half boiled chicken/ turkey breast

2. Brown rice boiled

Step By Step

1. Mix ¼ part of chicken and ⅓ part of rice in bowl and serve in small quantities for 3 to 4 in a day. Rice will help in firming loose stools while white meat work as rebounding. You can also add yogurt to dog's treat as it will introduce good bacterias to his intestinal track, and aid to recovering process.

5. Multi-Grain Dog Treat Recipe

Vet proved balanced diet for dog

Grains are great source of various nutrients, and also play important role in homemade dog treats. Dog food manufacturer also prefer to add grains to their dog food, the reason why you should not go for these products is that they have preservatives in them.

But if you made this multi-grain dog treat recipe at home it will definitely add health to your dog. Making this recipe is easy and cheaper that any harmful packed dog foods.


1. Whole Wheat Flour - 2 cup

2. Unbleached flour (all purpose) - ½ cup

3. Soy flour - ½ cup

4. Not-fat dry powdered milk - 1 cup

5. Cornmeal - 1 cup

6. Wheat germ - ½ cup

7. Rolled oats - 1 cup

8. Brewer's Yeast - ½ cup

9. Corn oil - 5 tablespoons

10. Salt - 1 tablespoon

11. Large sized egg - 1

12. Water - 3 cups

Step By Step

1. Preheat oven to 350 degree F.

2. Take a large bowl and mix all dry ingredients.

3. Take a separate small bowl and mix egg and corn oil until it combine.

4. Add water to dry ingredients bowl and add egg mix to it and mix them both well.

5. Now the resulting batter will be thin one spread it on baking sheet it will form a layer of half-inch thickness.

6. Put the sheet in oven and bake it for about 45 min.

7. Take the sheet out of oven, after cooling it
down divide it into small portions and serve according to dogs need. If something left store it in refrigerator.

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